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Reno Martial Arts

Reno Martial Arts * Shaolin Kung Fu

Martial Arts * Reno, Nevada

Are you searching for a martial arts school in Reno that focuses on student’s self improvement? Would you like to enhance your mental, physical, and spiritual state of mind? Do you want to have the mindset of the martial arts and apply it to your everyday life? Please consider...

Kung Fu * Tai Chi * Karate * Judo
Aikido * Tae Kwon Do * Jujitsu

Martial Arts is truly "a way of life". It shows you a unique way of viewing the world around you. It gives you a positive mental outlook and teaches you to see your own internal strengths and weaknesses. Joining any martial art can change your life or set the course of life in the right direction for your child. It can help you "get back into shape", or give you the peace of mind you always wanted.

Martial Arts For Children

Would you like your child to have the confidence to stick up for what is right? Do you want them to have the inner strength it takes to make the smart choices and be successful in life?

Reno's schools of Martial Arts or self defense have the answers you have been looking for. Are you looking for an outlet for your child’s energy? Do you sometimes see your child trying to imitate the martial arts moves they see on television? Martial Arts training may be just what you are looking for.

Perhaps you just think that your child could benefit from having more focus and concentration skills? How would you like your child to be more self disciplined, doing their homework and chores without being told to do so? Martial Arts training is more than kicks and punches - it teaches self respect and respect for others.

Martial Arts For Adults

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have the type of agility and coordination that comes with martial arts training? Do you remember when you were 18 years old and in great shape? Would you like to feel that way again? It is never too late to start. Today can be the first day of you martial arts training. Yes, you could have a black sash one day.

Are you stressed out at work and thought you needed an outlet, something physical, that will restore your energy for the next day? Have you ever thought to yourself that you needed that certain "something" in your life that's missing? Martial arts training is what you need! It gives you peace of mind, regains lost flexability, and trains your body to ward off attackers.

Martial Arts Schools

Reno Nevada has a wide array of martial arts schools to choose from. There are traditional Shaolin Kung Fu schools (Tiger Kung Fu), Japanese Karate dojos and other Karate Academies (Larry Hall's Legacy), schools of Tai Chi Chuan and Tae Kwon Do, (Barry Elwood) Judo Training, even Aikito and Jiu-Jitsu.

Very few schools in Reno teach traditional weapons. Tiger Kung Fu Academy being one of those schools, teaches traditional Chinese weapons and fighting techniques from both Northern and Southern China; including Bo Staff, Broadsword, Butterfly Knives and all animal forms. Children and adults benefit greatly from any martial arts training; and with the wide variety of training styles available here in Reno, you are sure to find the right martial art for you and your family.

Some Reno Nevada martial arts schools like Larry Hall's Legacy or Sifu Zai's Martial Arts School ZaiXMA formally Tiger Kung Fu; have great intro programs that will let you see if that style is right for you. When you sign up, tell them you heard about them on

Martial Arts Supply

Reno Nevada has a martial arts sparring gear company: ZaiGear
5401 Longley Lane # A-10. ZaiGear Martial Arts Gear is the latest in Martial Arts Sparring Gear. This sparring gear is guaranteed tough, and comes with patented Bulzai Target System that scores the point EVERYTIME! 5 Star Rated!

Another martial arts supply in Reno is Dragon Spring: 1707 S. Wells Ave. Reno, NV. 89502. Dragon Spring has quality martial arts sparring equipment, uniforms, assorted Asian gifts, and Asian clothing.

Dragon Spring has the best overall selection of asian gifts in Reno and what they do not have in stock, they will order for you! (775) 323-2298
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